Brian Dougherty

The type of graphic design I learned in college is a world of typography and images, paper and ink, a descendant of Gutenberg and the Bauhaus. Essentially, it is a world of materials. In this world, Graphic Designers manipulate words, create images and specify the raw material. In this conception of what is graphic, sustainable […]

Bernardo Schorr and Pedro Luiz Pereira de Souza

The exponentially increasing acceleration of industrial production threatens a project for sustainable consumption and puts in check what has become the very essence of the designer profession: among other hypotheses, it may now be the responsibility of design to remove objects from the world instead of constantly placing new. That is, dematerialize.”

Paula Astiz

More than just solving problems, the function of the graphic designer today is mainly to create them, in the sense of questioning an existing order. I believe in graphic design as an opinion maker, with an active discourse in the production of new forms of knowledge and significant contributions to our society. […] In a […]

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